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Gonna build a yak

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I have decide that its time to build another kayak. This new one will be very different to what is the norm as seen in all the ads. It will be fully strip planked and covered in glass inside and out. It will be 5500mm long. 850mm wide. The cockpit will be 1800 long and open. There will be two hatches forward and one astern. The widest section will be at 60% to 65% of the length from the bow. I will build it with about 50mm rocker at the bow and about 25mm at the stern. It will not be the fastest yak but it will be fabulous for fishing, either in a quiet stream/lake or 10 klms offshore. The open cockpit enables quick and easy access to all the safety and fishing gear. The target weight is around 25 to 28 kg. I have yet to decide on the shape of the bow. I will definitely post lots of photos and info as it takes shape but I'm not sure when I will start the project. Hopefully at the begining of next year in January. When its finished I will take it for a maiden voyage and then it will be up for grabs. Why sell it? I want to make some customised yaks especially for sale. They will stand any test and comparison with anything on the market for style, finish and perfomance within its designed parameters. When I have all the "honey-dos'" completed, I will start the yak building. The very first stage will be to build a scale model at 1:5 scale to check the lines. I cant wait to get started. Will show you guys the scale model as it is developed.
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