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Gold Coast Boat Show Roundup

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Arrived at 2.00pm today (Sunday at the Convention Centre)

FIRST THOUGHT: Maybe the Expo yak sellers sold out because the only yaks I saw were inflatables.

SECOND THOUGHT: Look at all these stink boats.

THIRD THOUGHT: The three stallholders selling fishing gear are really, really, expensive.

FOURTH THOUGHT: That guy standing on top of the big fish tank casts really well.

FIFTH THOUGHT: Those big barra in that big fish tank probably haven't been fed in three days. No wonder they're chasing that hunk of plastic.

SIXTH THOUGHT: High speed jigging will send you broke. Not only that, you'll go through three times more fishing gear at triple the price.

SEVENTH THOUGHT: Where are all the yak sellers?

EIGHTH THOUGHT: These expo stall holders are obviously sick of people and way too tired to speak.

NINTH THOUGHT: $15 bucks for this...

LAST THOUGHT: Hmmm... Might stop in at that tackle store on the way home.
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nah , nah, nah , you must have been at the vic one. what a waste of time too
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