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Gday yakkers

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Gday all,

just saying hi and congrats on running a great forum thats informative and friendly.
I've been reading and learning alot about kayaks recently and hopefully I will have my own soon.

Looking forward to knowing you all!


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Welcome Kantong,

Why don't you meet us one morning when we have a group launch? That way you get to check out a few yaks and meet a few good guys at the same time. Alternatively, find out what time we are heading in and meet us then. You'll probably get a chance for a short paddle then as well. Given your location, the Smiths Ck bash, starting out from Apple Tree Bay on the 2nd, might be a good opportunity for you.
kantong said:
Gday Davy! Cheers for the intro to the site!

Peril that is a great idea. Where do you post information on the group outings? It be more appropriate if I start posting there :) Hopefully I can get some time to get out there.
Check the Fishing Trips section of the forum
kantong said:
was looking at a Viking or a Wilderness systems one.
The predator looks like a very nice yak
Have you looked in the For Sale section?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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