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G'day from noboat on the Sunny Coast

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Been on here for a few weeks now and thought I better introduce myself.
I paddle a bright blue Viking Tempo Fisherman, which I brought off fellow forum member mac-fish.
Have done a few mods to the rig since then, including a home made reef anchor set up and cart, as well as repositioning the transducer for the Lowrance FF to the outside. All these are at a prototype stage at the moment as I just used what I found in the shed. If all goes well I will neaten these up a little in the future.
I have plans to fit a live bait tank soon so if you got any input for this let us know.
The yak is also fitted with a Scotty's rod holder, and did I mention it's bright BLUE

I will look forward to publishing a full report in the riged yak's section when I'm happy with my set up so stay tuned.

Tight lines and remember SILICON IS PURE EVIL !
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Hi Noboat

Nice to say g'day to yet another member playin with the new toy is almost as much fun as the fishin :twisted: well almost as much fun :p

:D fishing Russ
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