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G'Day from Lisarow NSW

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G'Day ;-)
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How are you going mate? I noticed you have an AI, have you had it long? I got one late last year but haven't yet used mine much. There are quite a few members in your area. I look forward to reading your reports, i previously fished the Hawkesbury and Central Coast quite a bit and can't get enough of reports from this area.
Very good mate!
I have only had the AI for a few months now (Actually Josh Holmes' old yak)
I have fished the mouth of the Hawkesbury (Lion Island) but have never picked up much, I now mainly fish Terrigal area because its only 10 mins down the road. :)
I could only find a few reports on the Central Coast, I was also thinking of trying 'The Bull' up at The Entrance or other bommies locally...anyone got any suggestions?
Cheers ;-)
Mate we used to do a fair bit of headland trolling and would do alright on the usual mix of small pelagics. You could also deep slow troll a livie or squid in the same areas for bigger kings.
Ok, I'll try that this Weekend (Meant to be a bit windy though) :(
There are a few guys fishing Terrigal, worth looking at the trip reports or here is a quick search.

Thanks for the help ;-)
I bought an Okuma Goth 8000 yesterday...hopefully I can get something big on it tomorrow afternoon worth talking about! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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