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Hello all!
I have been perusing this forum incognito for six months and my last attempt at registration failed so I am glad to finally be able to join this awesome community.Your safety advice and experiences have informed my shopping purchases and practices out on the water....having said that I have ystill managed to lose lots of gear along the way and have not had much chance to practice reentry ( still can't do it well) so I stay in very shallow or protected water and ..don't catch many fish. :)
I have one of those ebay fishing yaks with the 5 rod holders..yeah those..it has been ok so far but I am well aware of it's limitations.I go fishing every weekend as stress relief from teaching high school kids ..sometimes yak, often beach and rock.
On the yak I have assaulted Shoal Bay,Fingal, Lemontree passage, Hexham and Morpeth, the Harbour and swansea channel.
Landbased usually stocko, catho and boat harbour.
I have not really had that much success yet with the fish and have had the usual embarassing accidents to accompany them.
I will try to get more interpid en I know that I can safely reenter my kayak with any kind of regularity. :twisted:
Until then I shall enjoy posting in the forums and reading the accounts of the pros here.
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