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I'd be stocking up on 1/8th oz Ausspin spinnerbaits in blk/purp combinations also consider some more natural looking colours pumpkin seed etc. The 1/8th's are great as you can fish them shallow as they don't sink too fast, but allowing them to sink you can also get them down deep. Try the lucky craft sammy's and Koolabung Cicada fizzers for surface action. If there is no cicada action, then surface luring can be very hit and miss. Of the 90 or so bass I landed this summer only a handful were on surface lures, that's not for a lack of trying, spinnerbaits out preformed this year. Hopefully next summer will see an increase in surface action!!! I'll be up to the Wild Rivers Bass lodge for three days two weekends after your trip, so will be hoping for a hot surface bite. Whatever you use, don't go any lighter than 15lb with your leader material, big bass can be very unforgiving on light leaders. I lost two good fish this summer in consectutive cast using 12lb mono. These were not rub off's but shear strength bust off's heading back into cover!!!

Hope this helps.

Cheers Nick.
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