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ok, heres the info....

i was going through the mail, when i found a coupon for a free DVD.

well, as you could expect, the DVD is free, but they charge for the postage.

the promotion was for free DVD of Jamie Oliver Cooking Whole Snapper baked in a bag.

but wait...
theres more.....

the promo code (806) left me wondering.. hmm, i wonder if i can guess other promotions, and get those in the same postage charge ($2.50)

so i plugged in a few codes, and YES, i found 3 other codes.

and YES, they did all come under the same $2.50 total charge.
thats 3 dvds for just 2.50
bargain !!!!

the site recipedvd.com.au requires you to register, there is NO credit card info required, and they send a confirm letter to your email, but you dont have to reply, just sign up, and log in.

the working codes are...

801.. a DVD

802 (document download and online video, the video cannot be downloaded, i have read through the page source code and cannot find the swf file, sorry)
you can watch promo 802, iain hewitson cooking lemon chicken, and download the recipe, at this address...
link is supplied to save those who dont want to register, they can still watch one recipe and download the document. put the link in new browser window, and click go.

803.. a DVD

806.. a DVD

for the promo codes 801 803, and 806...
start by clicking the "PROMOS" button at top right of screen
after you enter the first code (801), click the promos button on top right of screen again.
then enter the next code (803), and repeat the click promo and enter the last code(806).

once you have done all 3 codes, then click continue, this will take you to secure site to enter your credit card info, and get all the DVD's for a total of $2.50.

heres the promo picks......

dont forget... anyone can access promo 802, WITHOUT having to register :) .. i have registered, and found the link for you :)

i hope this info helps anyone looking for some free DVD's of recipes.

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sorry people, this is my "guest" post.

more info..

please note that promo 801, and 803, are in fact the same DVD, but they are different promo's, and when you look at the shopping cart list, you will notice the item and ID codes are different.

the only difference is that 803, is for HESTA members, yea right !!
heheha :)

the way i figure it is that i am taking advantage of each promo just once each, its not my fault they re-promote the same dvd twice.

i guess they werent expecting someone like me to find some of the latest promos. notice also that i have found only 4 promos.
and the ID at shopping cart gives away that there are probably 10 current promos, i have tried all codes from 780 to 820, and havent found the rest of them yet.

if i find the other codes, i will post them here :)
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