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for gra and steven m who i know have expressed interest and also clarkey , mehi and chris cjd

just getting the excavator to fix the road up a bit and will be open for business (well open for free camping to anyone who doesnt trash the joint).

the good news is there is nothing to trash. building a 4 car garage up on the hill (about 3 months hard labour) .

250 acres and about 1 hour exactly west of brisbane.
on the upper albert river.

will just post this here as i knwo the legends are trustworthy. dont want to post it on the open forum as there are just a few too many people on there.

1. permanent running water (drinkable but you should probably boil)
2 plenty of good level campsites up in the hills and down by the river.
3 very secluded
4 major tourist park , darlington park is just downstream a kilometre with 100's of campers and fresh milk, bread, a shop, ice etc.
5 no dunnies on my place and not planning on building one yet (despite protests from womenfolk)
6 fishing, but to be honest, i dont think there are that many fish in such a small stream though there are 3 resident platypii(please be nice to these)
7 dogs welcome but plenty of ticks and dingos did kill a neighbours dog so be cautious
8 about 10 horses and 10 cows but numbers vary as only 2 of these are mine so the other move about a bit. none are nasty, in fact , they really are getting a bit too humanised from my mob feeding them all the time.
9 plenty of wildlife, roos, snakes :) , and some nice steep stuff up the top, almost cliffs
anyway, anyone who wants a free place to camp, just let me know and i'll give you directions.
you will need a 4wd to cross the causeway or you can just park your car and hump your gear across.

a few pics, anyone who wants to go, just pm me.


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