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Fraser Island 1/12/16

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Did a quick hit'n run up to Fraser this past weekend with a mate from work. We intended camping at Ungowa on Friday and fishing the local waters there but unfortunately the campsite was closed due to storm damage and unstable trees at the campsite so decided to camp at Gary's Anchorage and try there instead.

Great little campsite but SANDFLIES, SANDFLIES and more bloody SANDFLIES!! I used the Bushman's insect repellant which is supposed to be the best but even that didn't help! I must have more than 500 bites all over my body!

The fishing was absolutely dead, I tried trolling a SX 40, a scorpion , mad mullet and a halco without even a touch.

Gary's Anchorage is on a bit of a "backwater" from the main channel and is fairly shallow and you would expect to catch cod, flathead, bream and whiting. There are lots of mangroves around and I was pleasantly surprised to see a large python sunning itself on a mangrove branch on one of the islands :D . Unfortunately my camera was left in the car :(

We decided to camp on the Eastern Beach on Saturday to escape the sandflies and instead tried some surf fishing. I ended up catching about a dozen quality dart and got bitten off by a very good fish which I would call for a big tailor or a small shark.

I was considering trying a launch from the beach with the swing if the surf had been a bit smaller :shock:

All in all a very enjoyable weekend with good company - I shall return!
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redphoenix said:
I was also going to start a course of vitamin B1, but have just found a medical study that conclude that the benefit is unfortunately, non-existent to minimal (bugger).
Red I wouldn't be foolhardy enough to argue with the medico's, but know dozens who would disagree, me included....I just wonder were they to controlled in their study, and not using the XXXX, rum, port, and other associated infusions which usually accompany the B1 :lol:

If possible get yourself a copy of the Hooked in Paradise magazine which covers fishing in SE Queensland
Tom totally agree its brilliant but out of print at present and the new franchise holder of the work has no plans to reprint, a thorough search for YakAtak found the above info from a map shop who could sell dozens of issues if available
whoohoo said:
I've just had a lunch time peek at Boatbooks in Brisbane and they have a few copies on the shelf.
Thanks Tom I have a copy but Karl may still be looking
leftieant said:
An old wives tale I heard for keeping them away was a lotion of baby oil mixed with Dettol.
Ant that mix is to greasy, a better brew for mozzies [not sandflies] is

Sorbolene, 10% dettol, and a touch of citronella or Ti tree oil [ I prefer Ti tree].

This one rubs totally into the skin and is non greasy and won't gather dust on your skin like the oil mix if camping in a dusty place
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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