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Forster 26/07/06 the return of the straight treble

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Woo hoo. Top report Matt. I haven't been able to find any of the little bubblepops locally. That is sensational fishing in the middle of the day in the middle of winter. Perhaps we'll have to rename Wallis Lake the "winter wonderland".

Don't ya just hate it when a flatty catches you off guard with a squirm. I've lost more than I care to admit that way. Am very careful now.
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G'day Matt,

again, a great report mate. Love that bloop, bloop stuff :D Where do you get these bubble pop things?

Mate, ya need a DONGER for those sneaky lizards. Get em up beside the boat then SMAK em on the melon with it. :D really discourages that last moment squirm. :twisted: :D

BTW that is a lovely bream mate. well done :D

Great read Matt sounds like a top day on the water.

:D fishing Russ
Great session tryhard, gotta be getting some fish god love to crack a midday winter gem like that :D
Inspiring stuff. The weather been shit here for ages, the swell is about 10 foot again. Your top report got me thinking about a trip into the river to hit the flats as well.
That photo of the bream looks like hes had a hard life.
Iread once these blokes were having good success down your way somewhere using poppers on bream that they had carved out of old thongs !
Matt, you've finally convinced me to go buy some bubble pops. Went to FOW, who are normally very expensive for lures, as they are the only place I know who has them. Would you know - 20% off lures and 30% off trebles. I bought 3 bubble pop 35s and a pkt of 12 Gamakatsu size 12 trebles for $39.

I've already discarded the original trebles (broke one trying to flatten the barb) and transfered the feathers to the Gama trebles. Just waiting for the araldite used to seal the binding to dry.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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