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Flukey fish stories

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Post your flukey fish stories here.

Here's my story,

Was whiting fishing with worm on the hook and the rod bent. Picked it up and thought gee I'm on to a good Whiting here. Half way back to the boat and line started peeling off real quick all of a sudden. I was only fishing light 2kg and I fought for about 5 min. Pulled in a 95cm Flathead with hook in mouth and a 27cm whiting sliding up and down the trace via it's lip. Two for the price of one, now that's what I call flukey fishing.
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Dodge said:
Funniest flukey catch I've seen was a mate on a jetty at Tipplers Passage GC had a big spit from to much grog and his denture flew into about 2m+ of water.

All the kids started diving for them after an offer of a few dollars incentive and they were later recovered but had been slightly affected by the immersion being fractionally tighter, he was happy with the outcome.

Next day a nice flathead was landed from the jetty with a perfect fitting set of teeth inside the fish :lol:

Double or nothing for the mate :roll:
Richo, that reminds me of a tale I've heard of something similar happening.

The movement of the sea gets the better of a bloke out fishing with a few mates. Heaves up over the side of the boat and then realises his denture has gone into the briny along with breakfast :cry: . One of his 'mates' got sick of listening to him bemoaning the loss of expensive dentures & decides to play a trick on him. He quietly indicates to his other two mates in the boat to watch him as he attempts to stir up their unhappy companion :wink: .

He takes his own denture from his mouth, firmly attaches it to his own fishing line & drops over the side 8) . The reels it in and loudly announces that he's recoveres his mate's denture. The queasy one perks up :shock: and quickly grabs the denture from the line and puts it in his mouth.

Then almost as quickly, he removes the denture exclaiming that it's no good, not his as it doesn't fit him and tosses it back into the sea :roll: !!!!

Boat now has two very unhappy fishermen & two others laughing so much they're having difficulty not falling out of the boat. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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