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Flukey fish stories

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Post your flukey fish stories here.

Here's my story,

Was whiting fishing with worm on the hook and the rod bent. Picked it up and thought gee I'm on to a good Whiting here. Half way back to the boat and line started peeling off real quick all of a sudden. I was only fishing light 2kg and I fought for about 5 min. Pulled in a 95cm Flathead with hook in mouth and a 27cm whiting sliding up and down the trace via it's lip. Two for the price of one, now that's what I call flukey fishing.
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yakfly said:
great stuff mate
just to land a 95cm flattie on 2kg string is bloody lucky in my book.what did she weigh?
It was back in the day when you were allowed to bag such a fish as no one knew any better. I did not weigh it just sat it next to me t square ruler when I got home, and it went 95 cm.
The whiting was bueat to eat but the flattie was a little dry.
occy said:
Sounds like you don't need a bloody boat Noboat. Amazing flattie that. Unbelievable effort on that class of line.You must be one good fisherman.
I was out targeting whiting at the time as I was chasing a feed for xmas so I was on the light gear just drifting in the stink boat.
A lot was going for me at the time, there was no wind and little run in the current and the flattie decided he wanted to go with it. Plus I used me lecky motor to my advantage, and everything just fell into place nicely.
Pure fluke I belive.
Salty Dog said:
One of my younger brothers was out stinkboat fishing with my dad & caught 3 flathead on 2 hooks. He had one on each hook & had somehow managed to lasso a 3rd by wrapping his line around it. Arsey bastard! He doesn't even like fishing that much! :lol:
Those dam cowboy fishermen will show you up every time with their lassoe fishing tataics.
5thofNovember said:
The flukiest thing I can remember seeing happened recently while stink boat fishing in townsville. It was pretty gusty and my mates hat blew off. There was a pair of sunnies perched on the hat. It all happened pretty quickly, and we saw the sunnies go into the drink. None of us saw what happened to the hat. We searched high and low but couldn't see it at first. A minute or so later we found it snagged on a wire on the top of the roof canopy.

But the flukey bit came 5 minutes later when his daughter pulled her line in. We were all pretty amazed to see that pair of sunnies dangling precariously from the hook. And we were fishing in 10 - 12 meters of water, so it was pretty damned amazing.
You could only top that if you were to pull in a better more expensive pair of sunnies that some other fisherman lost the previous week.
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