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Hi Guys,

Relatively new to kayak fishing and have just found out the Flathead Classic on the gold coast has a kayak division. I have entered the comp before from a boat of course and have really enjoyed the social side of what was always a well run event. I am interested in any kayakers who are thinking of joining as it would be good to meet a few people with similar interest before hand. I am by no means an expert fisherman and are merely thinking of entering the comp as a way of combining my love of fishing with my new found method of transport on the water. I am still wondering how u get the flathead to lie still for the photo in a kayak, given I had so much trouble doing that when i fished from a boat lol.

I live at Hollywell, and only a stones throw from Crab island which until now is really the only place i have fished from my yak as have been doing ok there (so why go further?) in saying that am more than happy to load up the yak and go for a paddle . I also know there is a social club meeting the first wednesday of the month, which I have been invited to attend and maybe it would be a more appropriate place to have this conversation. Unfortunately at moment are working in brisbane wednesday and thursdays so often not back on coast till late so cannot make it.

Anyway I just thought I would put it out there

Have a good day guys

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