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Fishing Townsville

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I'm heading up to Townsville for a week at the end of this week, and I'm aiming to rack up a few hours on the water. Not sure how I'll wrangle it yet, but where there's a will there's a fish. Any regulars here who are local to the area? I'm looking for a few pointers on where I might want to try, and what I might want to prepare for. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :)
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G'day 5th,
The area behind the casino can produce good numbers of trevally and on the other side of the breakwater from the 4th marker out mackeral / queenies & whatever else happens to be passing by can be expected all within 10 to 15 min paddle from the city. access can be gained from the coast guard ramp near the entertainment center in Ross ck. the creek itself often produces Barra / cod & jacks with a slow troll hard up against the rock wall.
The fresh water stretches of the Ross river above Aplins wier is stocked with Barra & jacks have been trialed in there aswell. Up around Cape Pallarenda There's plenty of shaded parking and easy access to the water .... the areas to the north along this stretch have plenty of shallow sandflats that produce flathead to about 60-70cm /queenfish /salmon ect.... If your interested in trying maggie out the easiest option is to catch the ferry or the barge.
Attention is needed in any shallow areas nth of pallarenda DO NOT paddle over any dark patches that you can see in the water and keep an eye on the beach if your in that close. The local toothies are not that common around tsv but I still wouldn't like to paddle over one in the shallows.
3 outfits required would be 6-8kg........15kg...... A handline 10-15kg or greater.
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The HB's I have success with in these areas are any of the bumper bar metals,river2sea bubblepop 65's,Reidy's little lucifers,bomber 15 A+B and the B52 riedy's. SP's 80mm to 110mm Slick rigs & the Stormwild eye shads 10g.
I dont mean to sound perdantic ( spelling )... but less than 1 mile from the trawler moorings last season on the opposite side of the river ( second creek on the left from the mouth of ross river) not far from the trawlers parks & wildlife set traps for a 3.5m model that was never caught so caution is required if fishing this area from a yak. Staying in the main river system & beyond you should have no drama's.
keljad said:
If it had of been me, I reckon people would have thought I was paddling a leaky oil tanker judging by the slick I would of left all the way back to the car :lol:
HMM..... A new model Squidgie slick rig....scented.
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