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fishing speed for soft plastics

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on the weekend , had a few spare hours , so decided to check out some soft plastics in the pool, was totally amazed, so much so . it will alter the way i use soft plastics, used a very light rod and experimented with different speeds of retrive and also different styles, what i found is that these things need very small imperceptible movements to make them act like a meal for fish, found one of the most lifelike retreives was to lift the rod tip reasonably slowly about 30cm and let it drop again, the soft plastic tail was quite happy moving very gently up and down with very little retreive. I have been fishing them too fast, and working the cast and retreive technique, they look most lifelike when simply jigged, or held stationary into the current.This fishing with lures is a fascinating sport
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I find the most sucessful way to use SP's is to allow the SP to drop towards the bottom, then place the rod back in the rod holder and drift along a ledge or drop off. The simple wave action and drift speed provides for very realistic motion.
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