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Fishing Mags and the mighty $$$

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I've just read the latest copy of Fishing World and I've noticed it happening more and more.

Is this ethically right? Are anglers getting unbiased and impartial information that help them improve thier fishing or are they being indirectly led to buy the featured product?

This months examples:

Pages #8-12 - New Age Lizards, Four page feature article with numereous mentions and images of Berkeley Gulp and The Berkeley Gulp 3' Pogy by David Green
Page #31 - Full page ad for Berkeley Gulp
Page #44 - Rigging Softies Right, two mentions of Berkeley Gulp by Mark Phillips
Page #46 - Bait or Lure? 2 page feature article by David Green promoting Berkeley Gulp
Page #94 - 1/2 page New products category, Berkely Gulp 3" Pogy by David Green and a Berkeley Gulp competition.

One thing is certain, somebody has a lot of real estate this month! Does David Green have a professional affiliation with the distributor of the product? Was this feature article written as part of an advertising package or is it a strange coincidence that Gulp is the product in focus this month?

Whatever! Who cares as long as the writer/ publication inform the reader.
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September NSW Fishing Monthly page 52. Article entitled "Tried and Tested". This months fair and balanced review is of a newly released Alvey side real the Rock Hopper Special. The tester gushes praise on the product declaring it to laugh off the tough conditions of the sea and basically be the best thing since sliced bread, holding aloft a couple of big jewfish that he claims to have caught with it.

I thought the Alvey T-shirt and the Alvey cap he weas wearing in the photos with the jewfish was a little obvious and over the top. Infact, it can't be construed any other way other than blatant advertising :twisted:

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