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Fishermans Beach 26th Nov

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Headed out for an impromtu session this morning from fishys beach. Headed out around 9am in nice conditions... The Southerly was chopping up the water just nicely, but was just calm enough for a n00b like me to feel safe.

I trolled a variety of sp's and one or two hb's for a total of 3 flathead and one rudder! the flatties were all between 26cm and 30cm and preffered the dark grey powerbaits, slow trolled. All went back in for good luck.

The revo held up well in the conditions. I stayed pretty dry considering the conditions and had a nice old time trolling for flatties...

All in all it was great to get my first fish in my yak... All I need now is to figure out how to make one of those fancy signatures to add my pb's to.. :)


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Viva evarn, well done mate. Although the champagne should have been broken across the bow, ya trip map looks like I should be making the glug glug noise. Squidder's got a great little fillet technique to leave those flattie tails boneless...just takes a litttle bit of time to gather and clean :wink: :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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