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First Yak Fish (Hinze Dam)

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Hey guys,

Finally managed to get out and do some fishing from the new yak,
Arrived at Hinze Dam at 5.00am and began the long paddle down towards the Island. Had a bit of a troll along Rays Run for nothing, then along the western side of the island. I found it very hard to know where to fish, after always being shorebased I was now confronted with so much water.

I ended up cruising around behind the island and throwing lures towards the bank, about 5 casts in bang! managed to land a bass touching on 38. Not huge but pretty happy for my first yak fish. I then learnt that using a camera and brag matt in a yak isnt as easy as I first thought, after scuffling around for a few seconds the fish managed to get loose and over the side, so no pics unfortunately.

I persisted with this and was pretty slow, so began to troll again and managed to land 2 more fish one probably 32-35 and one nearly as good as the first one.

Here are the pics, sorry about the quality, My camera is stuffed :x :x :x
but thats another matter, hey anyone nkow much about digi cameras???


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heres the better one on camera


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as you can see guys my camera is absolutely buggered,
has anyone seen this sort of thing before in digi cameras,
its a canon digital Ixus2 , its probably 3 years old.
hey guys,

thanks for all the tips,
I will take the camera in to HN tomorrow and see what they think, Might even ask m brother what hes doing with his old ixus 330 now that he has a digi slr.

To all those going on the cressy trip, I dont think i can make it unfortunately.
I will make better arrangements for the next trip and make sure im there,

Look forward to the report from the trip, make sure you guys take heaps of pics especilly if you get any of cressys real bright goldens.

:D :D :D
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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