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First one

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Well I managed to finish painting my house on the weekend, with a few hours spare on Sunday afternoon. So I went for a yak down in the Derwent. The weather was good and the bay was full of stink boats and shore bashers. I spoke to a few boaters. Only one out of three had any luck (2 bream).

But I managed to get my first fish from the yak - a decent sized flatty. :roll: Then after a quite patch exploring bream hidey holes I managed to spot a salmon jumping. Paddled over and cast out a power minnow SP. Got a tap, then let it sit for a while and bang a salmon hit the lure. About 1lb size.

Then I nearly discovered the hard way why I should always strap the rods onto the yak. I forgot to put the straps in this trip. I was untangling the second rod, while I had the rod I'd just caught the salmon on sitting accross my lap. Alld of a sudden it started flying off my lap into the water. :shock: I caught it in time and found another 1 pounder salmon on the end. It must have come right up to the kayak and got the soft plastic which would have been dangling only a metre in the water.

Then after a few more casts in the general area I then had that tell tale tug of a good sized bream. It did some decent runs in all directions. I had to stick the rod right into the water and under the yak to pull him out. 8) It ended up being about 38/39 cm. I paddled to shore for a couple of pics and released him back into the murky Derwent.



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Nice bream hidey holes, and no way a boat could have fit into the gap to get in here. :wink:


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More of Mr Breamski


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The release


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Onya Vert, know that wharf well mate.

Catch ya Scott
Nice way to start your bream collection!!!

Well Done :lol:

Cheers Andybear :lol:
Great way to start the fish file with a nice bream. top stuff.
G'day Vert Well done mate and congrats on the first fish. the first of many I think.

Also congrats on the C&R. A bream like that would be considered an animal up here.
Nice Bream Vert :wink: Sounds like you had a pretty good afternoon fishing.

I bet the hart rate went up when the rod on your lap took off.
Yep, it was a case of "What the F##K" :shock: :shock:

The good news is that it proves the fish are so unfazed by the yak that they'll come up and grab a soft plastic that's hanging just below the edge. 8)

Nice fishing Vert. Lovely bream
Well done . you guys sure do have some top looking bream water there.
well done mate..
top bream already !

vert, thats a nice breamski.
I can't wait to get back on the river this weekend.
congrats Vet on a really nice fish. That's a great way to get off the mark.


Well done on the early captures Vert :D
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