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First Fish Off A Lure!

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I am very proud of myslef. I caught a lovely 32cm freshwater bass off a lure at Somerset Dam over the long weekend. I threw this little fighter back for next time I am out there. However, I caught this fish off the bank and wasn't able to take a photo. That weekend many other fishermen and fisherladies were cathing Yellow Belly... (Golden Perch). My 3 friends and my brother got a yellow belly each, all decent size. We also caught a number of Red Claw Crayfish. They were quite TASTY!
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Well done Kieran can imagine how it must feel, hope I can emulate your success with a first lure bass this coming Sunday on Hinze Dam.

I'm afraid if mines legal he's going in the pan, as it will be particularly sweet
Good on ya Kieran, First lure caught fish - any fish is allways a great moment. Well done mate.!
Well done Kieran :)

Fishing with lures is a great way to catch fish, hope its the first of many mate......
good on ya Kieran,well done mate.Hope its the first of many.
Nice one Kieren, I'm based at Esk most of the week at the moment, so might have to head up to somerset on a weekday and give it a go from the yak, hmm, wonder if you need a boat permit for a kayak. :?
I dont think so... We were using a kayak with a 3.5hp motor on the outrigger to get to the places and then just fished off the bank.
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