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FF140 versus Eagle 242

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Hi Guys,

Looking at my next addition to the kayak and am keen on the Garmin FF140 or Eagle Cuda 242 fish finders.

Have any of you had experiences with either (I know you have given me your comments on the FF120 Gatesy) so that I can separate the two ?


Cheers Doug
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Gday Salty. I've just bought the FF140 and I'm happy with it, but I can't compare it to any other brand. I found it to be reasonably priced, and being 'waterproof' as opposed to 'water resistant' I decided that for the price it was worth a gamble. When I first started looking the local dealer only had much more expensive Eagle sounders - hence I wasn't able to really compare the two. Good luck!
Hi Fisher,

Thanks for the response.

How do you find its ease of use through menus etc and the clarity of the screen ? Also, I see you have a Prowler 15, mine would be going into my Prowler 13. Did you follow Gatesy's installation or how did you fit it, especially location of the transducer ?

Cheers Doug
Salty - check out a thread I posted in the DIY section on how I've gone about my instal, which didn't require any holes to be cut into the yak. I put my transducer between the forward two scuppers, and it works fine there, but in hindsight I probably should have placed it towards the rear. If you put anything in the front hatch you need to be careful that you don't knock the transducer - whereas if it was at the back it would be out the way.
I've played around with the menus and it seems pretty easy to me, but out on the water I've tended to just use auto mode and the readout has been great.
Phil 'the mariner' gave me some good advice - beyond the actual functionality and accessibility of the unit, consider things like whether you will knock it when getting in an out of the yak, and whether it will be in the way if ever you need to do a wet re-entry.
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Fisher, does the FF140 have arches or just the fish symbols? Im looking to get a sounder before summer, but I want one that can pick up the bait schools.
G'day shoey,

I just bought a 140 and on the display it had arches. They look a really neat compact unit for the features they claim. Whitworths hare running a special on them at the moment for the Brisbane Boat Show. $240.00 I think.

Does anybody know if a transducer will shoot through plywood? :oops:
Shoey - yes, it has arches. Mine seems to pick up bait schools really well - I'm just waiting to see some of those big arches! Best price I could get here in SA was $229, when the dealer agreed to match a price I found on the net.
hairymick said:

Does anybody know if a transducer will shoot through plywood?
Mick ply is no problem as long as there is no air within the lamination, my first Furuno was through ply

If you tried the trannie in a bag of water [mentioned here] at the spot you would know if you are OK to proceed further
Thanks guys, will have another look at the boat show up here this weekend.
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