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Peril said:
Calm water only. Could you imagine having a wave break on it? It would fill with water and you would be helpless come the next one.
There are removable sealed storage pods front and rear which would probably eliminate this problem however.....photo below.

Rear pod incorporates Rod Holders apparently.

I do think there are better options out there though 8)


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I have a Nomad and there is much I really like about it. Looking at the pic of the Apollo, I am wondering how much water would be channelled back when it came over the front and how well it would get rid of it.

The Nomad is a bit similar in that water over the front comes straight back to the foot well area. It goes out quickly enough so I don't find it a problem and for normal paddling, the way the deck is shaped is good for lying stuff on, like the landing net or ice box or rods. But looking at the Apollo, I can't see well enough to work out what it is like.

I'd like to test paddle one but looking at the overall market, I think the more popular yaks like the Prowler have proven themselves more.
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