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Early Warning to Wivenhoe Dam camp trip August 06

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As requested by the Dodgey one, this post is to guage some interest and gather info for a possible camping/yakking trip to Wivenhoe Dam (Big W)

Proposed Date:Mid to late August 2006
Members arriving Friday and saturday, some leaving sunday, others remaining until Monday. (Must get Richo onto some bass :p )

Camp Sites:
Logan complex - Excellent camp sites with full amenities (flush toilets and showers) some general supplies available , 15mins drive from fernvale, 5 mins past the dam wall, clearly signed. See image below for site locations and booking info, having spoken to Terry, the ranger, we can book when ever we want (sooner the better) and pay on arrival.

Launch options:
Logan inlet has a decent ramp, but you can also launch off the bank at the camp site easily enough with a trolley or a hand from fellow yaker.
10mins drive to Hamon Cove, another launch site which I havent investigated as yet, I think there may also be camping there, will inform when details are verified.

Interested Members:
Mac Fish and friend

Maps etc

Links of interest
http://members.optusnet.com.au/aus-kaya ... nhoe1.html

Please post if interested, or add details and I'll update this post as it goes along.
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;) I might change my plans for this weekend, seeing how no one was interested in the Cressbrook trip, and get down to Hamon Cove and have a look around instead.
It's the main source of water for Brisbane, about 45mins drive NNW or Ipswich on the Brisbane Valley hwy. between Esk and Fernvale.
Works for me :D But then I am based less than 20mins drive from the camp site. :p
It's colder up there than in Brisbane guys, I suggest we leave it till late August as we've had a few sub zero mornings so far this winter, it's been somewhat more bareable since then, but I'd hate to be camping on a night like that, brrrr.
Hehe, I'm Qld born and bred m8, Even though my ancestors are all from the UK and Germany, even the ones that lived in the UK cant stand the cold. re: tassie, I'm keen m8, just not in winter.
each camp site at Logan's has it's own built in bbq/fire place, and plenty of wood supplied on site.
Cheers Ross, Richo and I are meeting at Logan's Inlet to have a look around on sunday morning, no sounder on my Yak yet, but will have a troll around the area and see what I can come up with, I'm putting money on a few fork tails and maybe an old car tyre.
You can also get the permit from the ranger at the Logan's.
Good onya Sel, we should hook up for a day session some time soon, I'm living between Esk and Anstead, and plan to fish the dam a few times over the next few weeks. drop me a PM and we'll arrange a time.
Do you have any detailed maps of this area that you could scan and post up for us? I'm having trouble finding a copy of Hooked in Paradise and don't have a decent resource to refer to. If anyone has reasonable maps that they can post up, please do.
thanks guys :D
OMG how fat is that bass in the pic on that page! :shock:
Hehe, good stuff Gerard, be good to have ya along. :D
Great stuff Dallas, it's a great place for a camp, facilities are better than any camp grounds I have seen, and after the successful mission yesterday, I'm pretty sure we'll see some monster bass too. ;)
Double post warranted, a few maps added to original post. cheers. 8)

Also, I may or may not have scanned some other maps if anyone would like to 'view' these please let me know, I don't want to breech copyright by distributing copies...
1 - 16 of 33 Posts
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