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Don't miss out on early entry pricing for the Mortgage Corp Mallacoota round of the Hobie Fishing Series on the 5th and 6th of March. Early entry pricing ends on Friday 26th February at 3:00pm AEDT!
Head to http://www.hobiefishing.com.au/mortgage-corp-round-3-mallacoota-victoria-2016/ and your name to the list below.
The third in a series of five Qualifying Rounds for the 2016 Hobie Fishing World Championship and an additional International event. Mallacoota, Victoria, a favourite on the Hobie Fishing Calendar, is already looking to be another cracking round with 51 Anglers already signed up and a week left on early entry pricing.
Don't forget there's the new divisions, Youth (16-21), Women's, Masters (60-64) and Grand Masters (65+) as well as "First Timer Entry". If you are entering a Hobie Kayak Bream Series tournament for the first time you have the option of a to have a First Timer Entry. The requirement of being an ABT member waivered and you will NOT be required to pay an entry fee, simply follow the instructions at the link below.
1. Gary Hanson Victoria. Open, Masters
2. Bogdan Zisu Victoria. Open,
3. Mark Young New South Wales. Open
4. Neil Carstairs Victoria. Open
5. Jason Deenen Victoria. Open
6. Bill Woods New South Wales. Open
7. Michelle Gamble Victoria. Open, Womens
8. Dean Gamble Victoria. Open,
9. Simon Morley New South Wales. Open
10. Alan Osborne Victoria. Open, Grand Masters
11. Derek Hamer New South Wales. Open
12. Paul Davidson Victoria. Open
13. Rodney O'Sullivan NSW. Open
14. Geoff Alford Act. Open
15. Peter Gardiakos Victoria. Open
16. Joel Cruz New South Wales. Open, Masters
17. Lex Forbes Victoria. Open
18. Jason Childs New South Wales. Open, Masters
19. Tony Curwen Victoria. Open
20. Alex Franchuk Victoria. Open
21. Ralph Eriksson New South Wales. Open
22. Mark Cribbes Victoria. Open
23. Scott Marcinkowski New South Wales. Open
24. Ka Ching Chung Victoria. Open
25. Glenn Allen New South Wales. Open
26. Chesney Fung Victoria. Open
27. Jonathan Chen ACT. Open
28. Tony Pettie Victoria. Open
29. Shane Taylor New South Wales. Open
30. Bruce Rollins Victoria. Open
31. Doug Baker New South Wales. Open
32. Steve Thomas Victoria. Open
33. Tim Golby Victoria. Open
34. Brian Rutledge New South Wales. Open, Grand Masters
35. Andrew Hancox New South Wales. Open
36. Neil Hutchins South Australia. Open
37. Ben Harrison South Australia. Open
38. Josh Carpenter New South Wales. Open
39. Ben Phayer Victoria. Open
40. Paul Malov Victoria. Open
41. Corey Gallagher Victoria. Open
42. Steven Pryke Victoria. Open, Youth
43. David Shanahan Victoria. Open
44. Dan Walter New South Wales. Open
45. Kane Terry New South Wales. Open
46. Christopher Purnell New South Wales. Open
47. Tameika Purnbell New South Wales. Open, Womens
48. Darryl Head New South Wales. Open
49. Stewart Dunn New South Wales. Open
50. Peter Balzan Victoria. Open
51. Paul Hardiman ACT. Open
52. David Ayton Victoria. Open
53. Rick Massie Victoria. Open
54. Jason Lambert New South Wales. Open
55. James Kilpatrick New South Wales. Open
56. Joel Crosbie New South Wales. Open
57. Amy Barrie New South Wales. Open Womens
58. Aaron Williams Victoria. Open
59. Kevin Varty New South Wales. Open
60. Mitch King Victoria. Open
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