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eagle 168 vs navman 4430

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hey guys,

im pretty desperate to get a sounder on the yak and have pretty much narrowed it down to these two models.

eagle 168
navman 4430

what suggestions do you guys have on this
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I have the Navman 4430,

Works a charm, All you need to know is depth, temp and show a plot so you know wheather or not you just went over a drop off.

Do you really need an extra 50 pixales? I would rather the extra money in my pocket and get a GPS so you can find the drop off again. All grey scales are the much the same IMHO, If you want tec, get a colour and then you can get some real deffinition but in reality what do you need your sounder for? You need it for finding a drop off or gutter in less than 25m of water. Do you need an top of the line sounder designed to find fish in 100m of water?

I got a cheap sounder and a sweet GPS of EBay. GPS's are sweet escpecially if navigating in the ocean or in the dark. Ever tried paddleing and looking at the Sounder trust me you won't notice that you are missing 50 pixtels

my 2 cents

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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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