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eagle 168 vs navman 4430

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hey guys,

im pretty desperate to get a sounder on the yak and have pretty much narrowed it down to these two models.

eagle 168
navman 4430

what suggestions do you guys have on this
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are you serious??

what sort of thing would you suggest?,
model wise and ideas on price
any more tips here guys,

if not, then what sounders are you using? and how have you found them
any tips or info is appreciated
hey sel,

thanks for the tips,
do you think that the extra hundred odd dollars spent on the X50 would be worth it in comparison with the eagle 168??

i see they are both 4 greyscale but the lowrance has more pixels.
Most of my fishing will be done in impoundments chasing bass etc so i dont know if i need`too much detail, I would also like to get onto the close reefs around se qld to chase pelagics and reefies.

whats the best price you have seen the lowrance for? and do you know where I can get a look at one of these?

thanks mate

any other tips are welcome guys
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hey troppo,

sounds like a good idea,
would anyone else be interested in getting say a lowrance x50?

im keen to do so in the next week.
also Jesse, how has yours handled water getting on it,
is it able to get a dunking every so often
thanks for the tips Dallas,
how much did you pay for the eagle tri find?

would you say the eagle 168 isnt really worth looking at for the sake of $100 more you can get the lowrance x50s?
1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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