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Drought effecting our dams

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Thought I would put up a post to see how many of us are affected by this drought.

The effects of the drought seem to be widespread even here amongst the members here on the board.

I haven't used a sprinkler at home for at least a year now and doubt if I will ever use one again the way things are going. It's amazing how well the washing machine water goes on the garden.

I have owned a boat for five years and have never been able to use it in my local dam when it's been full.

Except The Gold Coast yakers,is there anywhere in Australia where yakers can go and fish in their local dam and expect to be able to fish it at it's full capacity?

For example, places like Tassy and Perth are you guys going through similar weather patterns?

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spooled1 said:
If these bastards are so committed to the drought, why the hell don't they invest in desalination plants and green energy. MONEY and GREED, that's why!
Desalination requires huge amounts of energy. That's why they're talking about locating nuclear plants close to urban centres. Their economic models include colocated desalination (after all both coal and nuclear plants are just sophisticated steam turbines) and the cost of transporting water is high. I haven't heard of green desalination yet.

The big issue is that we keep trying to solve these problems with large-scale solutions. We should be trying to make each societal unit, be it a dwelling or a block of flats or a business building more self-contained. Collect as much rainwater as possible, recycle as much water as possible on-site, generate as much energy as possible on-site. Of course no water or energy authority is going to put themself out of business by sanctioning and promoting such an approach.

After that we can take on the mind-numbing stupidity of growing cotton and rice in inland Australia.
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