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Down under....8-13-06

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The water... :D

Date: 08/13/06
Dive Location: San Diego County
Buddy(ies): Trish
Time: 1130
Bottom Time: 90 minutes
Max Depth: 20ft
Vis: 3-10ft
Conditions: Mixed swell, strong surge, ripping current, poor conditions

Click link to check out the dive video, w/sound!

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Nice lobster video HM, I assume you were diving from your kayak? I love to dive for lobsters (we call them crayfish), but mostly dive shore-based - hopefully this summer I can use my kayak to get access to some more isolated reefs. :D

Were you catching on this trip or just looking?
yum :)

PS don't lobsters have claws??
Nope, not all of them. The traditional european lobsters have huge claws (and I think some US lobsters do as well?), but Australia's southern, eastern and western rock lobsters are claw-less. Our species have a shortened and very powerful set of legs in place of claws, which they use to pry abalone and other shellfish from the rocks. As I have found out several times, they can also give you a nasty black fingernail with these if you try to wrestle them the wrong way :cry:
The East Coast Maine lobsters have claws... The ones in the video are spiny lobster, no claws. I think Southern East Coast has Spiny Lobsters too... I was just scouting trying out my new regulator...Season doesn't open until October...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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