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Double Island Point / Rainbow Beach

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I spent the weekend at DIP. and it was kayak fishing paradise.The sea has formed a large flat water bay and now comes right up to the steep dunes.Proberbly not too good for those wanting to laze on open sandy beaches,but great for fishing.With the errosion into the large dunes,huge trees are falling into the water forming an excellent fish habitat.For those that know the area vehicles can no longer access the sand bars and bay area,so it makes for perfect kayak fishing.(no big beach break easy launch etc. just what Dodge ordered ) I paddled along the front of the fallen timber , only a couple of meters deep,no real plan in mind ,dragging sx48 and SP.Three strokes... spotty mac,2 strokes ,double hook up,man those fish are hard on the SPs.Later in day drifted over sand bars on incoming tide,with good results.Total for day...6 spottys,8 flathead (best went 70 cms),1 huge toad fish wich chomped the lure to pieces,1 very large shovel nosed ray 1.2mtsand 12 bream..the ray and bream caught from shore after dark.So if you like to get away from the crowd and have access to 4wd ,Double Island Point could be the go....maybe a group outing ,Ive seen plenty of 4x4 around. cheers Gary And yes Im working on the camera etc.
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Well done hagar. Amazing stuff. I'd be keen for a group fish. Not sure about the camping part..but I could do a day trip from here.
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