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Does anyone have a GPS file for the Sydney region?

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I just bought a GPS/sonar combo which I can upload GPS files to for navigation. I was in the process of making some maps with one of the freeware programs I downloaded - and suddenly thought - I can't be the only one using GPS files of Sydney! So does anyone out there have some charts they can swing my way to save me making my own?

I am mainly interested in the Harbour and Botany Bay/Port Hacking; but any other charts around coastal NSW would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also, does anyone use the program known as MapCreate?
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Thanks Red, there are some good spots on the google earth files.

What I am really after though are GPS map files (created with mapcreate software or similar) to upload to my sounder. These will be in the format of "filename.lcm" or similar.

Does anybody have some of these files for the Sydney area?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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