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Dodge fleet complete [I think]

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The yellow/lime Swing was delivered today so off to the chandler tomorrow to buy some bits and remove its virginal look, and make it look fishy, and in the near future smell fishy.

Moved the former espri name to the swing, following nautical tradition/superstition and renamed it with my wifes selection, while her Viking Stingray went off to another family member who only wants a fun yak.

At the moment one very happy geriatric :D :D :D and thanks to The Mariner for his valuable input.
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Congrats Richo
Cheers Ben :D
May you paddle long and land many fish in her Richo
Good luck Dodge and hope it's what you are looking for. :D

I think the fitout can be the best bit. I'm just waiting on a package from Phil with various bits and pieces to cobble together so I can get serious about pulling some lip.

It's all good!
Schhhhaaaaawwwinnnngggg !!

Welcome to the swingers club... And may I say most excellent choice of colour :D

A great boat, you'll not be disappointed.
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