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DIY T-Load for a ute.

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Hey guys, I've only been kayaking for a few months now in a FeelFree Moken 13. I've always had to take someone out with me because getting the yak on and off the ute is difficult by myself due to its size and weight. I currently have a rhino rack T-load on my ute that tilts back to almost 45 degrees (http://www.roofrackcity.com.au/AccSubCa ... 22_38.aspx) but even when I slide it onto this and the stand the bar back up the front of the kayak almost goes threw the back widow on my ute.

Just wondering if there is an easier way to lift the kayak onto the ute or will i have to make my own T-load bar similar to this one?

Thanks, Andy.
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You should be aware that it will most likely obscure your number plate. Another thing to consider is the legality of an attachment like that, especially if it's carrying a load. I never worried about any of the legalities, was never questioned and was never in the position of being sued after an accident but just thought I'd flag it for the sake of completeness to help make your decision.
kaotikmonkey said:
Just wondering if there is an easier way to lift the kayak onto the ute or will i have to make my own T-load bar similar to this one
This is the one I built, and I'm still using this and it is bloody great and easy, I have modified it a little, I put a roof rack across the bar, tec screwed it on under the rubber insert, just looks a little more tidy. I have now put a locating clamp at the correct height to align it with the roof racks, which is more of a safety incase the locking bolt works loose when travelling. I don't even bother sliding it forward anymore just strap in onto the loader and onto the rear roof rack, the nose of the outback rests on the front bar, I strap that down on long trips. Seriously it takes only a couple of minutes to get loaded and you are only dead lifting the yak to the height of the loader when it at its lowest point, which if you wanted could be even lower than I have. I was down the coast last weekend and was fronted by a lovely young lady who asked me if I could build her one, she has a hilux and struggles to get the outback up with the rack and roll and currently uses a ladder rack to slide it up with the help of a milk crate, which can only lead to some type of disaster, so I try and get one made for her. If you want some details or better phoos give me a PM. I can honestly say I have had at least 10 people wanting one.
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Cheers for the info! I'm at work at the moment but ill PM you later to get more info for sure. :)
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