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to you all for your advice and information posted on this site.

I must say, i am " breaming " with excitement at the prospect of fishing out of my CaNak ( canoe/yak ) ... Honestly i can hardly contain myself, and i wont be able to get out on the water for another 3 bloody weeks yet.

This is just a WHOPPING GREAT FKKN THANKS to all you guys who have provided me with some ( very ) basic answers to some generally basic queries i have had regarding a range of things such as where to fish, Soft plastics / HB, Anchors systems, Knots, Yak rigging, safety on the water, camping fish recipies, fish species, tactics and so on and so on.

To the Lads fishing PPB, cheers heaps for your offers to tag along, i will take you up on the offer, just need a little more time BUT i will be a regular out in the Bay in the near future. Of this i am sure.

Am heading up to Greenscape to 'pop-my-yak-cherry' for a good 6 nites in early Nov ... camping/fishing and i think it will be a rippa opportunity to try out my new craft and work on the basics skills of lures / trolling from my CaNak.

SO, a real heart-felt thanks to you guys for you have just cut my 'learning curve' down to a bare minimum and hopefully i get to enjoy all your knowledge with-out having had to put in the HOURS learning ( that most of you guys have ( cheers)) all the stuff you need to know to confidently and sucsessfully fish. :D :lol: :D :wink: :D :lol: :wink: :wink: :D ( mind you no-matter how much you tell me, i really cant learn if i dont do it myself hey ..

gee, im getting long winded here... emotional almost :shock:

Anyway,im sure i will have lots more questions for all you mob but FIRST i need to DO SOME BLOODY FISHING, and then maybe i can join you sometime.

See and speak with ya-all sometime soon :)


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Smuggla, thanks for your post mate. It tells me that the forum is achieving what I want it to do. The users on here are brilliant; they have a huge knowledge base between them and freely share the information to all. Keep up the good work guys, you are all legends.

Catch ya Scott

Good to see you made it here Smurfsmuggla :)
Getting out onto the bay isn't as scary as it might seem at first. Pick your days and you can't go too far wrong. Might I suggest making your first trip or so from Sandy or Brighton breakwalls. You can hang behind or close to the breakwalls for protection and if you do venture out from them and things do get a bit hairy, just head straight back for cover and you'll be right as rain. I cut my teeth in these areas and they are a perfect place to get started. Some nice fish around both places to on a good day.
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