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Recieved my sx 40's today. I didnt have time to go yakking, but I couldnt resist quickly going down to the beach and testing one out with a few casts. Third cast got this bloody thing that almost destroyed my lure. My beautiful Sydney Guppy is now severely scarred. I caught a 30 odd cm flathead and let him go. I kept the long tom thing to eat for revenge for harming my Sydney Harbour Guppy. Pretty good lures, especially considering where and the conditions at the time I wasnt expecting anything.


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Its a longtom, also known as an alligator gar or a needle fish (from amonline). The teeth say it all.

So long as the lure still swims ok you should be fine. Many a mauled sx40 continues to catch fish.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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