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I recently mounted my Garmin FF120 to my Hobie Outback Fish and learnt some good lessons.

The first thing I decided to do was to create a hybrid of some different systems to create the ultimate transducer holding beast. I dismissed all thoughts of vaseline and water-in-pipe based transducers. Too messy. I wanted something that was both protected, solid and well and truly stuck in place. I went out and bought a pool noodle and cut an inch and a half of the end. I then placed the transducer on the cut off bit and drew the shape of the transducer on to it. Out with a sharp blade and soon the transducer fit snuggly into the cut out piece of pool noodle. Next I stuck the pool noodle to the bottom of the inside of the hull. I then filled it with Sikaflex and pressed, nay rammed, the transducer into the sikaflex within the cut out pool noodle. Major pressure was applied inorder to get rid of all bubbles. Dried nicely over a week.

Well, I was all set for sea. Off the roof it came and into the water. Result: it didn't work. I had grossy over enginered it. Sought advice from a very helpful chap at Garmin by the name of Ian.

I subsequently pulled it out to discover major air bubbles in the sikaflex where it met the yak hull. Despite the pressure the air had not escaped under the transducer due to the pool ring enclosing it. All sikaflex peeled off (much easier that I was led to believe), another big blob applied directly to the hull and I pushed the transducer down. The bottom of the transducer must be a millimeter or 2 from the hull. It is now firmly in place and works like a dream.

Lesson: simple often works best.
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