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Packing up and relocating in the next few weeks, need me some spots along that part of WPB or areas within a short drive.

What's around, how nasty is the tide on that stretch?
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yeah, moving there.

Been Mornington based for years, have no real experience of WPB.
There are some areas around Corinella that rip with tide Tim, especially around Pelican Island where it can become a hazardous eddy or set up wind v tide. Send Kingfisher a PM about Corinella, he's got all the scoop. Certainly some big critters get taken there! Less flow down around Reef Island (Soldiers Rd) not more than 5mins drive from Corinella, and still good fishing. Ya could also put in at Coronet Bay itself, and the mouth of the Bass River for a river fish (but it's extra shallow around here in the bay itself). Dickies bay at San Remo has a good reputation on ting and also isn't far away :D

Rig wise, the main diff between fishing WP and PPB will probably be ya weigths ya use for bait fishing, the ezi rigs allow sinker changes to adapt to the tide strength. That and the use of strip baits to stop em spinning. :D
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Great topic guys!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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