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Converting to SP,s for a while.

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After my last couple of goes with Sps my confidence is growing. The first day two bass minnows in that olivey green colour with irridescent scales were lost. Today 2 flatties around 44 on 1 rig.
I fished them as described elsewhere on the forum, but using an 1/8 jig today. For me it feels like fishing a weightless bait, as I couldnt really feel the lure, but I did feel the bites :!:
They are cheap, so it doesnt break your heart when you lose one either, its easier to get the hooks out, and they work.
I'm gonna give em a bit more of a go I reckon. :D
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I'm shocked!!

Did you rotten buggers actualy get fish today after leaving Mornington?

I'm moving North!


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