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Clovelly kings

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Hi all
I know there are a lot of fishing trips organised for this weekend, but I am going out on the big bad scary ocean on Saturday morning chasing some royalty - kingies.
Launch at 0530 from Gordon's Bay (Clovelly) ramp. Try and get some squid from the Bay then head mout to Wedding Cake Island and check for the water boiling and seagulls.
Wind will be 7Kn NE with .7mt waves. Increasing to 11Kn NE by 11am.
Short and sweet. But if we find the school, it will be on for young and old.
All welcome. Will have my marine radio and Shark Shield.

Prowler 15
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I am in for this Simon. I am completely unfamiliar with the area. Any chance that you could post an address to the ramp etc and make comment on the availability of parking etc.

Much appreciated.

G'day Simon (wopfish). Welcome to the forum mate. I'll see you out there :D

By the way....what's a wopfish?

simond11 said:
From the car park to the ramp is only about 300mts.
ONLY about 300 meters!?!? Did you mean 30 meters Simon?

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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