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Clifton Gardens 12 Sept

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Just a few pics of an earlier trip on Tugboat. My Trev and Outwiththebro he got a 46cm screamer.

:D fishing Russ


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Thanks fella's we got a few other odds and sods but didn't worry bout pic's.

Thanks Red I need all the touchin up I can get.

Lloyd we parked near the access gate to the park area and using my homemade chopped up wheelie bin, Thanks to Fairfield council by the way. We trollied her to the edge of the wharf and launched from there. There is a bit of a drop at the edge of the grass onto the sand so if you can get your Yak over that hurdle ya good to go. Bout a 2 foot drop we just nosed the bow onto the sand and did what the greeks do mate. pushed from behind :roll:

ScottyBeefs what is your definition of normal ?

:D fishing Russ
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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