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Cleveland 8th Oct

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After yesterdays sucess - we went out again this morning. We trolled a lure along a deep channel - but got nothing.

So again baits were the go at spot XYZ. I drew first on a small squire. Closely followed by my wife who pulled in a legal tailor (which was released as it was only just legal). We continued to pull fish.

My tally was 4 Squire, 1 grinner, 1 swimmer crab.
Wife 2 tailor, 2 squire - she also droped on alongside the boat which must have been around 60cm. Damm it was big and fought like all hell. Oh well, next time.

Around 9.30 - thump, brrrrrrr brrrr and brrrrrr-rrrrrrr. I didn't think a lot of it. I run a home business now and I knew my phone was on vibrate and assumed someone was calling me. It did occure that it was one hell of a vibrate.

Then again brrrr brrr brrr. Ok, maybe that was a text message.

Or maybe one of a few branches went under the kayak in the current.

It did also occure to me that it could be a shark and I scaned around for a fin - but saw nothing. The water was fairly clear - but no silouette could be seen by myself or the wife. I drew my knife and held my paddle in anticipation, but nothing. If it was going to get too close - it was going o get a good smack on the nose.

Then a very distinct thud brrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrr brrrrr. Both of us looked at each other and said "Shark????"

We didn't see anything and later at the ramp I checked my phone - no messages or missed calls. I can only assume it was a noah, any ideas anyone?

Again I heard a lot of boaties winging that they got nothing - no even littlies. Ha ha ha ha ha - spend all that money on a boat and get outfished by a kayak.

he he he.......
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