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Met up with Wayne for a trip out around Cleveland. Conditions were a bit choppy (between 1-2 ft) - but I tried a few locations - without much sucess.

I think there was simply too much traffic where we were. Large power boats, sail boats, jet skis etc and I believe this would have scared off the snapper.

We did score one tailor who took 3/4 of a pilly on a 2/0 ganged hook. But that was released as it wan't legal.

We ended up calling it when my wife (who's pregnant) became quite sick. Simply too many boats around there adding to the chop.

I believe Wayne got a grinner and lost a few SP's - however we are planning another trip out to a quieter section of the bay next weekend if anyone is interested in joining us.

Two very interesting points to note.
1) Boats make so much damm noise. Can't think why so many boaties believe the bay is empty of fish.....
2) Kayaks are much harder to spot than many people believe or assume. I had a hard time keeping an eye on where Wayne was at times and can easily see a boat having an accident with a kayak.
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