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Clarence River 30/9 - 2/10

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I have been lucky enough to spend a few days giving the Hobie its first taste of serious Freshwater fishing. Not saying that the day on Baroon Dam wasn't great but a natural waterway is hard to beat.

I was fishing on a part of the Clarence River near Baryulgil. The area was my Grand parent’s property (now my Aunt’s) so this is where I first caught the fishing bug. Although back then it was handlines and catfish before progressing into the canoe and a spincastcast outfit when I was big enough to wear a life jacket (and not get in the road and put every cast into the trees - Although I am sure I did. And I still cast into the timber far too often :?).

Being a NSW long weekend a few other distant rellies decided to crash MY river - In bloody stinkboats no less :evil: Or well put them in there place by landing a small 30cm bass about 5th cast in. Though I was in for a cracker few days at that rate.

Next morning got up early to a misty river and headed upstream. Beautiful morning but not much happening. Landed a herring? On a fizzer which was a little unusual.
Was in a relatively shallow stretch of water and put a long cast and landed the fizzer right in the zone. Zip, Zip, Zip, wait, Zip Zip, Zip, wait, Zip Zip, Wait Zip Same thing I had done hundreds of time that morning Zip CRUNCH, SPLASH, NO HOOK UP, (Don't panic I say to myself) Zip, Zip Wait, Zip WHACK on this time!!!! Took some line of as it screamed back towards cover but managed to land a nice bass of 40-45cm.
That perked the morning up.

Drifted downstream trying spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, jackalls, etc.....

That was it of any note for the 3 sessions – Plenty of herring? When I downsized to a SX40 and Rebel wee crawfish and missed three good strikes on the fizzer.

As you can see from the pics it’s a spectacular waterway.
Wildlife count of note for the few days (fish aside)…
Black Swans, Azure Kingfishers, Dollarbirds, Rainbow bee-eaters, Pheasant cocual, A pair of Ospreys, Red Bellied Black snake (swimming), Carpet Python, Wallabies, Echidna, Turtles, 100’s of Eastern water dragons and several Playpus /pi /es (I am sure one of which stalked me for half an hour)

Oh - And the Hobie performed a treat.


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Lovely pics mate, love the release shots, that's a great looking cod. :D
hairymick said:
Heya Occy, there might even be some terrible Queenslanders in on a trip like that. I'll bring the banjo
I would do my best to join in on that trip, always wanted to fish up there since fishing around yamba in the early 90s and hearing stories of big cod and plentiful bass, not to mention the scenery, HOW'S THE SERENITY?!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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