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Clarence River 30/9 - 2/10

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I have been lucky enough to spend a few days giving the Hobie its first taste of serious Freshwater fishing. Not saying that the day on Baroon Dam wasn't great but a natural waterway is hard to beat.

I was fishing on a part of the Clarence River near Baryulgil. The area was my Grand parent’s property (now my Aunt’s) so this is where I first caught the fishing bug. Although back then it was handlines and catfish before progressing into the canoe and a spincastcast outfit when I was big enough to wear a life jacket (and not get in the road and put every cast into the trees - Although I am sure I did. And I still cast into the timber far too often :?).

Being a NSW long weekend a few other distant rellies decided to crash MY river - In bloody stinkboats no less :evil: Or well put them in there place by landing a small 30cm bass about 5th cast in. Though I was in for a cracker few days at that rate.

Next morning got up early to a misty river and headed upstream. Beautiful morning but not much happening. Landed a herring? On a fizzer which was a little unusual.
Was in a relatively shallow stretch of water and put a long cast and landed the fizzer right in the zone. Zip, Zip, Zip, wait, Zip Zip, Zip, wait, Zip Zip, Wait Zip Same thing I had done hundreds of time that morning Zip CRUNCH, SPLASH, NO HOOK UP, (Don't panic I say to myself) Zip, Zip Wait, Zip WHACK on this time!!!! Took some line of as it screamed back towards cover but managed to land a nice bass of 40-45cm.
That perked the morning up.

Drifted downstream trying spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, jackalls, etc.....

That was it of any note for the 3 sessions – Plenty of herring? When I downsized to a SX40 and Rebel wee crawfish and missed three good strikes on the fizzer.

As you can see from the pics it’s a spectacular waterway.
Wildlife count of note for the few days (fish aside)…
Black Swans, Azure Kingfishers, Dollarbirds, Rainbow bee-eaters, Pheasant cocual, A pair of Ospreys, Red Bellied Black snake (swimming), Carpet Python, Wallabies, Echidna, Turtles, 100’s of Eastern water dragons and several Playpus /pi /es (I am sure one of which stalked me for half an hour)

Oh - And the Hobie performed a treat.


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nice fishing mate!

the Clarence sounds like a beaut trip Occy !
count me in :D

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