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Cid's Hobie Sports Fisherman

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Thought I'd better finally put her on the site! :D

9ft 7in long and 'pedal' powered! She has 3 rod holders, two drink holders (one bourbon, one beer), 4 recessed 'bits & pieces' holders and two storage hatches.

I've added a Eagle Cuda 168 with the transducer sitting in a short length of 100mm PVC tubing (which I fill with water) siliconed to the inside hull just below my seat.

The blue container on the back acts as my livewell. It holds about 20 litres or so of water and I have a battery-operated aerator keeping the water nice and fresh.



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Hey Cid, nice setup. Looks like a top place to go fishing too.

Gatesy, next time you're up this way bring a rod and some lures i'll lend you a Hobie for the day.

Thanks Gatesy, Darren. These photos were taken at Taren Point, just next to Woolooware Bay which has some thumper bream and great flathead.

Gatesy - When we catch up in the future sometime, you're more than welcome to have a 'pedal' in my yak.

Very nice rig, I WANT ONE!!! Maybe it will be my upgrade from the Espri.

I had a paddle of one a few weeks back and they are a fine yak, the only thing i found is it didn't track to well without the rudder down in the shallows? Are all the hobie models like this? Gee they go well when pedalled!

Sorry gatesy, next weekend I'm competing in the Ausbream Social on the Hacking. And I'm not sure about the weekend after either. I'll know more a bit closer to the date.

Awesome! I just put a deposit on my hobie sport fisherman today, it's green and the same as yours, can't wait to get in the water and go bass bashing in summer. One thing I'm curious about.. can you keep up with other yakkers in one of these speed wise? I know the hobie sport been alot shorter is slower, but the mirage drive might make up for it me thinks. Regardless, I reckon the sports are sweet little things, good to see a rigged one finally. Cheers!
Hi Basstard,

Congrats on the imminent arrival of your Hobie. You wont be disappointed! So far I haven't had any trouble keeping up with other yaks and one good point is that your legs are considerably stronger than your arms so you won't tire as easily.

If you have any questions about the Hobie, just ask!

:) a fine looking Yak Cid.

8) nice ride mate.

:D fishing Russ
Cid nice setup mate,very impressed with the Hobie after having a run in Jakes Outback last weekend its certainly a different feel and concept to other makes
G'day Cid. Real nice mate.

The more I look at those hobies, the more I can see the potential of them.
Just a couple of questions re the Mirage Drive please.

Do you fish skinny water much where there is just enough depth to float the boat?

if so, How do the finns get on in these conditions?

The reason I ask is that My burrum is predominantly vast,shallow sand flats, often less than 15cm deep and I need to get over them to fish secluded gutters & holes.

I'm not being a smart arse here mate. I am still considering such a drive system for my kadaitchi and trying to decide if any benifiets might outweigh the costs and difficulties of fitting it.
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nice ride cid. one of the guys at a local complete angler has one and just loves it - he can do both the bay and some of the tighter rivers and creeks that have had little or no fishing pressure.
Sweet little yak!!! Very tidy! 8) 8)
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