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Chelsea (PPB)

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An early start put me in 17.5m depth 6.4km out from Chelsea well before daybreak. Most exciting things to report was that both my wetsuit fly and my new swivel rod holders both work a treat (photos supplied only of the rod holders).

One pinkie at 41cm, numerous flathead biggest 33cm, and one rock cod at 29cm (if Poddy can count a toadie then I reckon a rockcod got to allowed to add to the tally).


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Well done on the journey mate and thats a nice pinky too :) Rod holders look great. Do they stay put ok?
Good to hear that the fly is working well. Just watch out for those fly fisherfolk.

Those swivel rod holders look the go. So, they work with the fishfinder to point to where the fish are?

The water looks so clear in your pics. Is it always that clear? Looks awesome.
41cm pinkie with double points....33cm flattie, and bowling up a googly 29cm rock cod to take another Sat Mango wicket. Ya got us changing our field and bowlers Kevin. Nice outting (that's a good fish mate). We've just sent Squidette back to the boundry at long on.

Nice swivel innovation by the way, could ya troll 3 lures or do they all gravitate too close to each other behind (I'm thinking different depths aswell). :?:
Good to see you are back out on the water Kevin. Were you soaking baits or flicking SP's around ?

Nice work kevin. Why would anyone travel to QLD for sun and beaches when Chelsea can turn it on like that.


Geez that looks like a nice part of the world mate.

I like the rod holder idea


Mushi - rod holders are a nice snug fit so they hold their position in whichever position you place them Poddy in the extended postion they are purely for stationary fishing (unless you have a Hobie I guess), only when folded forward can you paddle. Really they are designed to give the rods a better orientation relative to the water than your typical type that are set-into the gunwals.

Scott and Jeffo the beach does look good when calm and the sun shining. Bit colder than QLD though, my car thermometer said 2 deg when I pulled up to the beach this morning. Quickly warmed up on the paddle out though.

Concentrated on whole pichards on the bigger rods and had a flick with SP's which yielded some flatties. Not a lot on the sounder at 17.5m but some good schools and pods of large fish showed up on the way back in around 14m water (at about 4k out). Stopped right over them and watched my bait on the sounder descending right onto them however by 8.30 in the morning I think I'd missed their feeding period. Would have better spent my time fishing early at this location than paddling further out.
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Mate Im impressed with the whole report. Length of trip, pic's, rod holders. great report man. Wonder how you would have gone, if as you say, you wished you spent more time at that spot. Hmm next time mate next time.

:D fishing Russ
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Kev nice to read of your captures and the success of the mods to holders, and fly [particularly after the funny tackle post recently].

When you speak of 2deg I shudder, as this year we whinged at 12C particularly if in a breeze
Great report and rod holders Kevin :wink: I love it at Chelsea when the water looks tropical like in your pics :D
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