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Check list for Yak-tackle & equipement

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Hi all

I have a compulsory gear list that I have written up on my garage fridge door. It has a list of items that MUST GO every trip. After reading a post by DaveyG the other day where he loaded his Yak for launch only to realise he had left his paddle at home :shock: :x

I realised how easy it is to leave gear behind. I left my anchor trolley at home last trip and whilst it is only a minor item, it was left. I wonder how many of you use a similar form of remembrance to get all your gear to the launch site all the time and what items if any have you left at home.

:D fishing Russ
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This is an excellent topic. I too (as a newbie) have forgotton things that I have regretted not having, occasionally turned the car around in paranoia just in case a few times :oops: :oops: :oops:

But these days I have a pretty good list - I'll add that shortly.
As promised here is my Kayaking Checklist

Kayak & Gear
PFD with (Whistle, Mirror, EPIRB, Flares, Lip Gripper, Knife, Flare, torch)
Apex 1 Seat
Seat Bag
Anchor & Anchor line
Navigation Light
Marine Radio
Cash (I carry a small quantity of cash & coins in case of emergency in a small watertight container)

The Essentials
Map/ Chart
Insect Repellent
Head Lamp
First Aid Kit
Trip Plan left with friend, or Coast Guard
Personal Stuff (Mobile Phone, Keys, Wallet, Biro) in watertight container
Loo Roll (stored in zip lock plastic bag)

Kayak Clothing
Spray Jacket
Change of Clothes
Long Sleeve Paddling Shirt
Paddling Gloves

Fishing Gear
Rods & Reels
Hand lines
Hook out
Tackle Box
Filiting Knife
Esky with frozen ice blocks (stays in car)
Adjustable Rod Holder

Checks the night before
Test Marine Radio
Test Navigation Lights
Test Sounder
Check for any in hull water
Check weather forecast
File a float plane with VMR/ VCG (on the day)
Ensure bungs are installed & hatches are sealed

Camping Gear
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mat
Stove & Fuel
Cooking Utensils, fry pan, billy, wooden spoon, cutlery, etc
Water Filter

Extra Items
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