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Check list for Yak-tackle & equipement

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Hi all

I have a compulsory gear list that I have written up on my garage fridge door. It has a list of items that MUST GO every trip. After reading a post by DaveyG the other day where he loaded his Yak for launch only to realise he had left his paddle at home :shock: :x

I realised how easy it is to leave gear behind. I left my anchor trolley at home last trip and whilst it is only a minor item, it was left. I wonder how many of you use a similar form of remembrance to get all your gear to the launch site all the time and what items if any have you left at home.

:D fishing Russ
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To me, the issue is not what you take, but how you make sure you take what you wanted to take on the day.

As a competitive sailor 20 years ago, I needed to make sure nothing was missed as I sailed 60+ minutes from home.

The answer was simple. A list, manual in those days, but you can use any tool you want. Excel, Word, other tools.

See attachment. My list was oriented to sailing. Yours can be anything you want. Each column represented a day out. List all your kit, tick off what you need each trip as you are packing.

This way you shouldn't miss anything.

Sorry guys, for some reason my scanned attachment won't attach to this message. Anyway, just list your kit on the leftmost column of a page, add columns to th right for each trip. tick what you want to take for that particular trip after you have put it in the car, and your done.


Big O
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