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Check list for Yak-tackle & equipement

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Hi all

I have a compulsory gear list that I have written up on my garage fridge door. It has a list of items that MUST GO every trip. After reading a post by DaveyG the other day where he loaded his Yak for launch only to realise he had left his paddle at home :shock: :x

I realised how easy it is to leave gear behind. I left my anchor trolley at home last trip and whilst it is only a minor item, it was left. I wonder how many of you use a similar form of remembrance to get all your gear to the launch site all the time and what items if any have you left at home.

:D fishing Russ
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Hey Rus

Good idea, any chance you can post the list you use? i will use it as a blue print for myself, havent got one yet, I am taking my yak out for the first time this Saturday and hope to have all bits I need! i guess the kayak to start, with the paddle, a rod and reel and at least one lure....oh and the camera for the 20kilo Cod I will catch.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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