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Its been a while for me, Ive been a little dormant over the winter but with the good weather me and the yak are now out and stretching our legs for another summer.
Im headed up to the central coast next weekend for a solo tour as the missus is having a girls week end and has kicked me out. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of some good yakin/fishing teritory?

any advice greatly appreciated.
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There are plenty of places gheppsie. Where abouts you staying?
No plans as yet greg just heading in that general direction, Ive got it in my mind that Im looking for somewhere i can set off early sat morning paddle off into the wilderness, camp on some beach and then paddle back to the ute on sunday, hopefully catchin a few in my travels.
Hi Athan
Just returned from a weekend on Smiths Lake, near Forster. Brilliant spot, excellent campsite and great fishing. Caught 4 bream all around 1kg mark on soft plastics, just paddling the P15 around the lake. Brilliant conditions and excellent fishing. Stayed at Sandbar Caravan Park. Well worth it.

Prowler 15

There are heaps of places and if I where not going away this weekend I would join you. One place I would love to camp out at is Dead Woods. You can see from all the other posts about this place that it is a productive fish spot. It is tucked away on a creek that I yet to see a boat on. There is a great little camping spot on the point just as you enter Dead Woods. The land is owned by the mines and all but in accessible by land. It looks like many have used it to camp before.

You will find a map on the attached post. One Through the pipes on the far left. Just follow the creek till you see the Dead Wood. You can’t miss it.

http://www.akff.net/forum/viewtopic.php ... c&start=15
Sounds like me this w/e greg thanks alot mate! That forster spot will definately be going on the calender too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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